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Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA Unveil End-to-End AI-Native Portfolio for Generative AI

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) has announced significant updates to its AI-native portfolio in collaboration with NVIDIA at the NVIDIA GTC.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) has announced significant updates to its AI-native portfolio in collaboration with NVIDIA at the NVIDIA GTC. These updates aim to advance the operationalization of generative AI (GenAI), deep learning, and machine learning (ML) applications. The comprehensive portfolio enhancements include innovative solutions and technologies designed to accelerate the development and deployment of AI applications across industries.

Addressing the Full AI Lifecycle:

Antonio Neri, President and CEO at HPE, emphasized the hybrid nature of AI solutions required to address the full AI lifecycle effectively. He highlighted the importance of collaborative innovation between HPE and NVIDIA in delivering co-designed AI software and hardware solutions that accelerate the development and deployment of GenAI from concept to production.

Empowering Enterprises with Generative AI:

Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO at NVIDIA, underscored the transformative potential of generative AI in driving breakthroughs across industries. He praised the growing collaboration between HPE and NVIDIA, which enables enterprises to leverage their data to develop and deploy new AI applications, ultimately transforming their businesses.

Supercomputing-Powered GenAI Training and Tuning:

HPE’s supercomputing solution for generative AI, announced at SC23, is now available for organizations seeking preconfigured and pretested full-stack solutions for AI model development and training. Powered by NVIDIA, this turnkey solution supports up to 168 NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips, enabling organizations to accelerate GenAI and deep learning projects with improved time-to-value.

Enterprise-Class GenAI Tuning and Inference:

HPE’s enterprise computing solution for generative AI, co-engineered with NVIDIA, is now available with a flexible pay-per-use model through HPE GreenLake. This pre-configured solution offers the right compute, storage, software, networking, and consulting services required for GenAI applications. It provides businesses with speed, scale, and control to tailor foundational models and deploy GenAI applications within a hybrid cloud model.

Preview of HPE Machine Learning Inference Software:

HPE Machine Learning Inference Software, available as a technology preview, will allow enterprises to rapidly deploy ML models at scale. Integrated with NVIDIA NIM, this offering will deliver NVIDIA-optimized foundation models using pre-built containers, enabling enterprises to transition AI and ML proofs-of-concept into production applications seamlessly.

Collaborative Efforts for Future Innovations:

HPE and NVIDIA are collaborating on future products based on the NVIDIA Blackwell platform, incorporating a second-generation Transformer Engine to accelerate GenAI workloads. These forthcoming products will provide customers with next-gen solutions to drive innovation and efficiency in AI-driven initiatives.


The collaboration between Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA represents a significant step forward in advancing AI-native solutions for generative AI. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and collaborative innovation, both companies aim to empower enterprises to unlock the full potential of AI, driving transformative outcomes across industries.

About Hewlett Packard Enterprise:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) is a global edge-to-cloud company that delivers unique, open, and intelligent technology solutions to help organizations accelerate outcomes. With offerings spanning Cloud Services, Compute, High Performance Computing & AI, Intelligent Edge, Software, and Storage, HPE provides consistent experiences across all clouds and edges, enabling customers to develop new business models and increase operational performance.

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