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Forward Networks Introduces Revolutionary Gen AI Feature for Network Management

The Gen AI feature, aptly named AI Assist, aims to redefine how large networks are managed.

In a groundbreaking move, Forward Networks has unveiled its latest innovation, a cutting-edge Gen AI feature, integrated into the Forward Enterprise platform. This marks a significant leap forward in network management, empowering professionals in Network Operations (NetOps), Security Operations (SecOps), and Cloud Operations (CloudOps) with unprecedented capabilities.

Empowering Network Professionals with Gen AI

The Gen AI feature, aptly named AI Assist, aims to redefine how large networks are managed. By harnessing the power of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), it provides comprehensive insights and expedites solutions for the most demanding network challenges. This revolutionary addition enables natural language prompts for Network Query Engine (NQE) searches, allowing engineers at all skill levels to conduct sophisticated network queries effortlessly.

Unleashing the Potential of Gen AI

AI Assist, powered by Gen AI, addresses the growing need for enhanced access to hybrid, multi-cloud network data. Its user-friendly interface and natural language processing capabilities streamline operations, making it easier for engineers to extract critical insights from their network. The Gen AI model continuously evolves, learning from user-generated searches and contributing to the platform’s ever-expanding capabilities.

Fostering Collaboration and Understanding

One of the distinguishing features of Gen AI is its ability to generate natural language explanations for queries. This not only enhances collaboration within network teams but also ensures that even those new to advanced network queries can quickly grasp and leverage the power of AI.

A Visionary Step Towards Modernized Networks

Nikhil Handigol, Co-Founder of Forward Networks, shared his enthusiasm for the company’s vision. “By combining the power of our network digital twin with Gen AI, we make it even easier for engineering and security teams to extract critical insights from their network,” he said. “We are developing the world’s leading networking large language model, laying the groundwork for future features that proactively assist engineers, enhance efficiency and safety of changes, and aid in determining optimal network configurations.”

About Forward Networks

Forward Networks is at the forefront of ensuring the security, agility, and predictability of the world’s most complex and mission-critical networks. Their Gen AI-powered solutions, such as Forward Enterprise, provide a digital twin of the network, supporting devices from major networking vendors and cloud operators. This latest Gen AI feature reinforces Forward Networks’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of network management capabilities.

IDC Recognition

Mark Leary, Research Director – Network Observability and Automation at IDC, emphasized the significance of leveraging Gen AI across network infrastructure. He sees Forward Networks’ purpose-built networking Large Language Model (LLM) and comprehensive digital twin platform as a promising advancement in bolstering network resiliency and responsiveness.

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