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Emagia Unveils GiaPay: A Cutting-Edge AI-Powered B2B Payments Platform for Global Enterprises

GiaPay serves as a one-stop B2B payments orchestration platform, facilitating faster, frictionless, and cost-effective customer payments flows to accelerate the order-to-cash cycle and improve cash flow for our customers.

Emagia, renowned as the leading provider of Autonomous Finance Platforms for enterprises, has introduced GiaPay, an AI-powered B2B Payments Orchestration solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern global enterprises. GiaPay aims to streamline B2B payments processes, enabling organizations to accelerate cash flow from customers while ensuring ease of deployment, minimal friction, and cost-effectiveness.

Empowering Global Enterprises with GiaPay

Veena Gundavelli, Founder and CEO of Emagia, emphasized the significance of GiaPay in addressing the demands of global enterprises for seamless digital B2B payments. “B2B payments strategy requires flexible orchestration over a broad range of global payment services for optimization of transaction costs and enabling frictionless payment experience,” said Gundavelli. “GiaPay serves as a one-stop B2B payments orchestration platform, facilitating faster, frictionless, and cost-effective customer payments flows to accelerate the order-to-cash cycle and improve cash flow for our customers.”

Key Features of GiaPay

  • Unified Payment Connector: GiaPay offers a single connector to integrate with and orchestrate across various payment services, including credit cards and direct account-to-account bank payments.
  • Smart and Flexible Payments Orchestration: The platform provides strategy-based payment options for different types of invoices, ensuring flexibility and optimization.
  • Transaction Fee Optimization: Leveraging intelligent optimization techniques, GiaPay minimizes interchange fees with Level2/Level3 data and smart data augmentation.
  • Surcharge Fee Facilitation: GiaPay simplifies the process of enabling surcharge fees, minimizing costs for enterprise suppliers while enhancing transparency.
  • Secure Authentication Services: The platform ensures secure bank account authentication services for account-to-account payment services, including ACH, SEPA, NEFT, RTP, FedNow, and others.
  • Secure Payments Tokenization: GiaPay offers secure payment methods with tokenization and storage in enterprise vaults for safe and secure processing.
  • Embedded AI-assistant: Enhancing customer payments experience, GiaPay features Gia, a conversational AI assistant that assists users with invoice information, payment options, and dispute resolution.
  • API Connector to ERPs: With seamless integration capabilities, GiaPay serves as an embedded finance component with leading ERP and e-Commerce systems such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, and others.

Availability and Leading Payment Services

GiaPay is available both as a stand-alone solution with API connectors and as an integrated component of Emagia’s Customer EIPP Portal and accounts receivables management modules. The platform offers access to leading payment services, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Chase Paymentech, CardX, Paypal, and prominent banks such as JPMC, WellsFargo, BMO, and others.

About Emagia

Emagia is a leading provider of autonomous finance platforms for global order-to-cash operations, driving digital transformation and efficiency in finance operations. The company’s AI-powered Order-to-Cash platform, powered by its flagship AI copilot Gia, brings together AI, analytics, and automation to optimize the end-to-end order-to-cash process for enterprises worldwide.

With seamless integration with leading enterprise financial systems and a track record of processing over $900 billion in accounts receivables, Emagia continues to empower finance executives and organizations to realize their fullest potential in the digital era.

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