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Deloitte Launches Advanced Geospatial and AI Platform in Collaboration with Google Cloud

Deloitte unveils a groundbreaking Geospatial and AI Platform, in alliance with Google Cloud, revolutionizing sustainable decision-making and climate action.

Deloitte today unveiled a groundbreaking platform, the Geospatial and AI Platform for Scenario Planning and Monitoring, incorporating Google Earth integrations, Google Earth Engine (GEE), and Generative AI technology from Vertex AI. This platform is set to revolutionize the way organizations approach sustainability and climate action.

Deloitte’s new platform offers clients powerful tools to utilize AI and geospatial data in making more sustainable decisions. It is designed to enhance planning processes in various domains including disaster response, infrastructure development, and urban planning, thereby fostering sustainable decision-making. Additionally, it provides crucial insights on land use and financial modeling capabilities, aiding businesses in optimizing for sustainable outcomes.

Jamie Sawchuk, Partner and Global Sustainability Leader for the Alphabet Google alliance at Deloitte Canada, emphasized the shared vision of Deloitte and Google Cloud in driving sustainability. “At Deloitte, we are focused on accelerating sustainability, equity, and shared prosperity,” Sawchuk said. “Together with Google Cloud, we are leading the transition to a sustainable future through information and innovation.”

Echoing this sentiment, Justin Keeble, Managing Director for Global Sustainability at Google Cloud, highlighted the significant role of geospatial data and Generative AI in enhancing sustainable business practices.

The platform enables organizations to anticipate and plan for a range of challenges, from urban development to disaster response, using Google Earth integrations, GEE, and Vertex AI. This will facilitate more informed and sustainable decision-making, such as applying Generative AI to simulate community readiness for rising sea levels.

Deloitte’s commitment to sustainability is further reflected in its FutureScape solution on Google Cloud. FutureScape’s advanced analytics tools are pivotal for infrastructure planning, especially in assessing the impact of policy actions on communities.

Furthermore, Deloitte is reimagining urban cities by integrating AI-enabled digital twins in Google Earth. This integration allows for the rapid generation of scenarios blending sustainability, carbon efficiency, and community quality-of-life metrics.

Deloitte’s expansion in AI capabilities continues following the introduction of its Generative AI practice in 2023. The firm is rolling out specialized Large Language Models (LLMs) and chatbots across its business, applying these tools within the Trustworthy AI™ framework to enhance user confidence and manage AI risks.

This initiative aligns with Deloitte’s recent recognition as a participant in the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability Program, underscoring the firm’s commitment to leveraging technology for sustainable advancement.

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