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Ceipal Launches Ceipal Copilot to Transform Staffing, Recruiting, and Candidate Engagement

This ground-breaking application uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to produce replies and assessments, dramatically increasing workflow efficiency and providing smooth hiring experiences.

Ceipal, a global leader in staffing and recruiting software, has announced the release of Ceipal Copilot, an innovative AI-powered solution that aims to transform staffing and recruitment processes. This ground-breaking application uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to produce replies and assessments, dramatically increasing workflow efficiency and providing smooth hiring experiences.

Generation Z, the world’s largest generation, currently accounts for 27% of the workforce, and their distinct viewpoints and digital skills are altering the labour pool. Ceipal Copilot meets recruiters’ increasing needs by providing them with cutting-edge tools for instantly connecting and engaging with excellent applicants, ensuring companies stay ahead in the competitive job market.

“Ceipal continues to lead the staffing and recruiting software sector by putting the newest and most advanced AI-powered tools in the hands of staffing and recruiting professionals,” said Sameer Penakalapati, Founder and CEO of Ceipal. “Ceipal Copilot streamlines recruitment workflows, enabling recruiters to focus on what they do best: connecting the right candidates with the right opportunities.”

Key features of Ceipal Copilot include:

AI-Generated replies: Uses powerful AI to provide correct and relevant replies, hence speeding recruiting operations.

Applicant Profile Summarization: Offers insights into candidates’ credentials and experience, making screening more efficient.

Boolean Search Queries: Creates complicated Boolean search queries based on specific job needs, streamlining applicant searches.

Applicant Relevancy Check: Identifies the best-fit candidates from internal databases and confirms their match to job criteria.

Personalised Screening Questions: Generates customised screening questions to aid in the effective selection of appropriate applicants.

Tailored Communication: Creates personalised emails, text messages, and follow-ups to keep applicants informed and interested.

Compelling Job Summaries: Creates compelling job summaries to boost comprehension and readability.

Customised Assessment Questions: Creates personalised assessment questions to correctly test candidates’ skills.

Staffing and recruiting teams may improve applicant experience and communication by including Ceipal Copilot into their recruitment processes, providing personalised updates and next actions.

“Since we started using the Copilot feature in Ceipal, we’ve seen drastic changes that have significantly helped our recruiting and account management teams,” said Amit Saini, Director of Operations for ATD Technology LLC. “Before Copilot, we manually wrote emails for numerous tasks, which was time-consuming. Now, with Copilot, we can easily create emails and use features like candidate relevance summary, LinkedIn job post summary, and profile summarization. These tools have streamlined our processes and made our work much more efficient.”

Previously, Ceipal had incorporated ChatGPT into their application tracking system (ATS). Ceipal’s ChatGPT upgrade enabled recruiters and staffing experts to operate more efficiently and effectively. This enhanced their productivity, allowing them to devote more time to key objectives and cultivate customer and candidate connections.

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