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Accenture Teams Up with Adobe to Revolutionize Marketing with Generative AI 

Accenture has reimagined the marketing industry by combining its expertise with Adobe’s and inventing the generative-AI solutions tailored for each sector to introduce a new era of content production and the supply chain that supports them.

Accenture has reimagined the marketing industry by combining its expertise with Adobe’s and inventing the generative-AI solutions tailored for each sector to introduce a new era of content production and the supply chain that supports them. The efforts are built on Adobe Firefly, a suite of generative AI models from Adobe.

Enhancing Accenture Song with Adobe Firefly

Accenture plans to enhance its Accenture Song marketing services by integrating Adobe Firefly Custom Models, aiming to empower clients with the capability to develop tailored models. These models will be specifically designed based on insights derived from their proprietary data while adhering to their unique brand standards. Highlighting the commercial viability and accessibility of Adobe Firefly, it’s noted for being a secure option for businesses. This integration not only opens up API access via Firefly Services but also extends the utility of Adobe Firefly across Adobe Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud tools.

Focused Industries and Enhanced Content Creation

Initially targeting sectors such as retail, consumer goods, automotive, financial services, and health, the solutions will draw on Accenture’s deep data and AI engineering prowess. The aim is to create content that not only adheres to global brand standards but also caters to local relevancies and industry specifics. Accenture engineers will also receive specialized training in Adobe Firefly to bolster support for clients deploying AI-driven marketing campaigns.

Leadership Insights

David Droga, CEO of Accenture Song, stated, “Brands today are looking for ways to go beyond experimenting with generative AI to achieve real impact. Whether it’s consumer goods companies scaling their product data and images in e-marketplaces worldwide, or healthcare providers ensuring brand standards for patient safety, the demand for scalable generative AI solutions is increasing. By bringing together Adobe technology with Accenture Song’s tech-powered creativity, we can help democratize the ability for teams to develop creative assets and accelerate content supply chain transformation.”

Echoing this sentiment, David Wadhwani, President of Digital Media Business at Adobe, said  David Wadhwani, President of Digital Media Business at Adobe, mentioned, “Businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage generative AI to deliver truly personalized experiences that connect with their customers. Firefly is an enterprise-grade solution that powers a full suite of generative capabilities – from content generation to editing to assembly – through our industry-leading applications and enterprise automation APIs. We are excited to partner with Accenture to define and implement solutions that empower organizations around the world to harness the power of AI.”

Jim LaLonde, the lead of the Accenture Adobe Business Group, provided further insights, saying, “In recognition of our technology and industry experience and decades-long relationship, Adobe has selected Accenture to help develop and deliver industry-specific generative AI capabilities that will give organizations the tools they need to unlock new value. Together with Adobe, we’re continuing to invest in the talent and technology needed to drive next generation experiences for our clients.” 

Accenture’s Commitment to Generative AI

Research from Accenture reveals a broad optimism among business leaders regarding generative AI’s transformative potential, although actual investment in such initiatives remains modest. This partnership signifies a step towards fulfilling the promise of generative AI, with Accenture investing in the talent and technology needed to pioneer next-generation experiences.

Accenture’s Own Use of Adobe Firefly

Accenture will also apply Adobe Firefly within its marketing operations, enabling its team to generate brand-aligned content more efficiently. This internal adoption underscores the shift from AI experimentation to practical application and value realization.

A Milestone in Marketing Transformation

This announcement is yet another step in continuing work by Accenture and Adobe to help marketers deliver the best and most relevant content with scale. As such, it is part of Accenture’s $3 billion investment in data and AI, which include all its capabilities to assist its clients in harnessing the power of AI to drive business innovation and growth across companies and countries.

About Accenture

Accenture stands as a global leader in professional services, assisting organizations in digital transformation, operational optimization, revenue growth, and enhancing citizen services. With a workforce of approximately 742,000 across over 120 countries, Accenture combines technological prowess, industry expertise, and a comprehensive service portfolio to deliver impactful results. Accenture Song, specifically, focuses on driving client growth through creativity, technology, and intelligence, embodying the company’s commitment to creating 360° value for its clients and communities.

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