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Unveiling the Transformative Impact: AI’s Role Across Industries – Insights from CDO Vision Dubai

The CDO Vision Dubai hosted at the Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers in Dubai on the 26th of October, brought together esteemed leaders representing diverse industries.

The CDO Vision Dubai hosted at the Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers in Dubai on the 26th of October, brought together esteemed leaders representing diverse industries. During this gathering, we engaged these visionary minds, seeking their invaluable insights on the trajectory of organizations in the realm of AI and Data Science. Their collective expertise and perspectives shed light on the future landscape of these transformative technologies within organizational frameworks.

In the realm of technology and its impact on business, conversations often gravitate toward the burgeoning integration of AI and Data Science. These quotes delve into the dynamic landscape of innovation, exploring how organizations navigate the evolving terrain of artificial intelligence and data analytics. As technology becomes increasingly intertwined with daily operations, the discourse often centers on the future trajectory of these fields, considering ethical considerations, transformative potential, and the collaborative synergy between human expertise and machine intelligence. These conversations unfold as a tapestry of exploration, envisaging the profound implications and promising horizons of AI and Data Science within organizational frameworks.

AI’s Role in Healthcare: Revolutionizing Drug Development and Patient Care

We truly believe in the power of AI and all sectors across from drug development all the way to providing tailored medicine to patients. We believe in its use cases and we believe its going to be embedded in our DNA. Of course this has to be done responsibly, it has to be done in a proper way to ensure that we don’t affect the main vision and objective which is patient safety and patient improvement in health. 

  • Moutaz Gendia, Global Associate Director for Reporting and Analytics- Commercial at Novartis

AI Integration Across Organizations: Training, Predictions, and Ethical Governance

AI is becoming an integral part in any of the organizations in whatever we do. Every part of the organization now requires a basic foundational training on AI. Everybody should understand. Even if we talk about can we do some prediction to increase revenue, can we find out the risk which can be generated and can we predict those things, can we automate the parts which operations and compliance are doing and then can we do it responsibly and put the right governance on top of that. I see everybody is moving in that direction. We need to follow rules and regulations. We are in the banking industry and we are highly regulated. And we need to keep moving forward. We need to leverage how we can best utilize it not only to generate revenue but also to predict threats and risks but do it in an ethical manner.

  • Gyan Prakash Srivastava, CDO, Head of Data & Analytics, Data governance, Finance Reporting Tech at Mashreq Bank

AI Applications: Aircraft Maintenance and Customer Experience

In terms of AI, the fundamental requirement is data and at this point of time we have not much data to start working on it. But the plan has been laid out in terms of focus areas. So on the customer side we would be able to identify customer personnel, give personalized offers. It’s very important to understand what they need.

The second part, which is most important, is on aircraft engineering and maintenance where we would have a limited fleet for the first 15-18 months. We intend to operate all over the place. So obviously the upkeep of the aircraft and serviceability of the aircraft is very important. And that’s an area where we will have data, specially industry data which can be the base for creating different algorithms in terms of proactive maintenance, ensuring that we don’t have a situation of aircraft on ground because of technical or engineering reasons.

Third area is the content which is our fronthand for our home page and our online booking engine. As the traffic has already started coming in we are monitoring the traffic under several parameters seeing how best we can improve the customer experience on it, would it lead to change in design, concept. Obviously the website for any organisation evolves over a period of time and we are going to use AI for that part. 

  • Sourav Sinha, CIO of Beond

Enhancing Patient Outcomes and System Efficiency

I think that everybody talks about the fact that nearly 1/3rd of the data we are collecting across the world is in  healthcare. We see tremendous opportunities for the application of that data to improve patient health outcomes, patient experience and to drive the efficiency of the healthcare system. We see tremendous opportunities across the entire spectrum of our work. 

Expansive Applications of Data and AI Across Industries

It’s pretty much any area that you pick in whether it’s supply chain, customer, inventory, pricing, e-commerce or retail stores. There are hundreds and hundreds of use cases. Lot of them in which we were using data and analytics a lot in terms of making the customer experience more delightful, making the inventory more efficient or the pricing more relevant to the market etc. And with the use of Generative AI there are a lot of use cases we are working on and exploring them on a daily basis. 

  • Shailesh Jain, Group Head of Data Analytics at Landmark Group

AI’s Transformative Impact: Pharma Innovation and Government Collaboration

Medicine and pharma was always one of the first industries in AI and analytics. We are currently driving the pharma invention with Gen AI  plus we will deal with all the organizations and the government with the help of AI because it’s one of the areas where Gen AI is the most effective. Talking with not just people but with formal relationships and governments. 

  • Kirill Lyadov, CDO at R-Pharm

Organizational Investment Expectations: Upside, ROI, and Impact

I think the organization’s majority of them will continue investing in some of those aspects. They will try to improve their upside in the first place. And then they’ll expect some sort of an ROI on the back of it which means that they’ll expect either the cost savings or some of the cost reductions or direct ROI and the revenue increase. 

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