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Top 10 Talks from AIM Conferences in 2023: Leading Voices in AI and Data Science

Dive into the forefront of AI innovation with these top 10 talks from AIM Conferences in 2023, featuring leading experts who are shaping the future of AI and data science.

The AIM conferences of 2023 have been a melting pot of innovative ideas and insightful discussions in the field of AI and data science. Here’s a listicle of the top 10 talks that resonated the most with our audience.

1. AI: Stealing the Future’s Fire | Katie Stein, Genpact | Cypher 2023

  • Overview: Katie Stein delves into the integration of generative AI in business processes, discussing both the opportunities and risks involved.
  • Watch Here

2. From LLMs to Next-Gen Autonomous AI-Augmentation | Anand Trivedi, Aavenir | Cypher 2023

  • Summary: Anand Trivedi explores the evolution of AI systems, focusing on autonomous AI and its applications in business.
  • Watch Here

3. Empowering Business with Data-Driven Empathy | Laks Raghupathi, Shell | Cypher 2023

  • Key Points: This talk highlights Shell’s advancements in using data-driven strategies and AI to craft exceptional user experiences.
  • Watch Here

4. Navigating GenAI: Insights and Strategies for Enterprises | Amaresh Tripathy | MachineCon USA 2023

  • Highlights: Amaresh Tripathy shares insights on the impact of GenAI on business and offers strategies for enterprises to adapt.
  • Watch Here

5. Generative AI in Business: Expert Panel Discussion | MachineCon 2023

  • Discussion: A panel of experts explores the role of Generative AI in business, from data management to security.
  • Watch Here

6. Enhancing Customer Experience at Walmart using AI | Prasad, Kamiya, Walmart | Cypher 2023

  • Talk Focus: This session covers Walmart’s use of AI and ML in enhancing shopping experiences and retail processes.
  • Watch Here

7. Data Engineering in the New Age – AI is Here, Where is Your Data? | Sunil Krishnareddy, Genpact

  • Insight: Sunil Krishnareddy discusses the evolving data stack and the crucial role of data engineering in the age of AI.
  • Watch Here

8. Exploring LLMs with Langchain | Abhishek Nandy, PrediQt | Cypher 2023

  • Focus: Abhishek Nandy’s session revolves around leveraging Langchain for enhancing LLM applications.
  • Watch Here

9. GenAI – Beyond the Hype: Unleashing Untapped Potential | Peeyush Dubey | MachineCon 2023

  • Core Message: Peeyush Dubey unpacks the potential of GenAI, exploring its impact across various business functions.
  • Watch Here

10. Responsible AI in Practice: Krishna Gade’s Insights at MachineCon 2023

These talks represent just a fraction of the insightful discussions and forward-thinking ideas presented at AIM’s 2023 conferences. Each session serves as a beacon of knowledge for professionals and enthusiasts alike, eager to explore the dynamic and ever-evolving world of AI and data science.

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