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Making Generative AI Tangible for Enterprises: Insights from Vivek Jetley at EXL

Vivek Jetley of EXL demystifies the practical implementation of Generative AI for businesses, bridging the gap between discussion and tangible application.

Generative AI, with its transformative potential, has swiftly become a central topic of interest among global business leaders. While discussions around it are rife, the real challenge lies in its practical implementation. Vivek Jetley, EVP & Global Head of Analytics at EXL, in a recent session at MachineCon 2023 in New York, delved deep into this very subject, shedding light on how businesses can transition from mere discussions to actual applications of Generative AI.

The Real-World Relevance of Generative AI

Jetley emphasized that while Generative AI is a hot topic, many businesses grapple with conceptualizing its practical use cases. He shared real-world examples, offering attendees a clearer picture of how Generative AI can be relevant and beneficial to their respective organizations.

Navigating the Business Impact and Risks

The session wasn’t just about the promises of Generative AI; it was also about its challenges. Jetley explored the potential impact on businesses, the associated risks, and the necessary technological architecture alternatives. He also touched upon the required changes in data processes and the ever-important privacy considerations.

Preparing for Scale

One of the critical points Jetley drove home was the importance of preparation. Boards and executive teams often have a plethora of questions and concerns when it comes to scaling pilot projects into full-blown production. Addressing these concerns, Jetley provided insights into the foundational components necessary to actualize Generative AI across an enterprise.

Collaborative Learning and Forward Thinking

One of the standout features of the session was its interactive nature. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, allowing for a collective evaluation of the benefits and risks of Generative AI. This collaborative approach not only enriched the learning experience but also paved the way for shaping a collective perspective about the future of Generative AI in business.

In Conclusion

Vivek Jetley’s session was a masterclass in understanding the nuances of Generative AI and its tangible applications for businesses. By offering real-world examples, addressing concerns, and fostering collaborative discussions, Jetley ensured that attendees left with a comprehensive understanding of how to make Generative AI a reality for their enterprises. As we stand on the cusp of a new era powered by AI, sessions like these are instrumental in guiding businesses towards a future that’s both innovative and informed.

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