The State of AI in India 2022

Over the last few years, AI has evolved to become a key driver of Industrial Revolution 4.0. India has a significant stake in the development of AI, with its potential being progressively unleashed in terms of investments, talent and growing market size.

AI adoption is no longer restricted to financial enterprises or large technology organizations. AI adoption is increasingly becoming democratised, with personnel from non-technological backgrounds adopting intelligent processes in their functional roles. AI is being increasingly adopted across Contact Center Customer Services (RPA-driven Chat Bots), Media Delivery (ML and AI-driven Social Media, Streaming content, and eCommerce recommendations), and Intelligent Networks / Telecom Services, to name a few. Today, Machine Learning and AI have become central to the functioning of Smartphones, Smart TVs, Household Appliances, and Automobiles.

Talent has been a key enabler for India’s contribution and progress in AI. In 2021, AIM found out that as high as 45% of professionals at the senior levels have 7+ years of work experience, indicating a maturing industry. This highly experienced pool of professionals is leading cross-geographical teams and flagship AI initiatives across the globe. The Indian AI research community is a key contributor in expanding India’s AI capabilities by producing one of the largest numbers of AI-relevant research.

This report presents a comprehensive overview of the State of AI in India. Along with the usual metrics like the overall size of the AI market and its projected growth rate, a key highlight in this report is the state of AI adoption across sectors in India. The report also includes the extent to which different AI capabilities and use cases that have been adopted in India. Additionally, the report talks about the AI talent scenario in India, focusing on the skillset, experience and job opportunities available for AI professionals.

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