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Fraser Health Revolutionizes Clinical Documentation with Generative AI in MEDITECH Expanse EHR

Fraser Health Authority pioneers the integration of generative AI with MEDITECH's Expanse EHR, revolutionizing clinical documentation and setting a new benchmark in healthcare innovation.

In a pioneering move, the Fraser Health Authority in Surrey, British Columbia, is set to become one of the first health systems worldwide to integrate generative AI for enhancing clinical documentation in MEDITECH’s Expanse Electronic Health Record (EHR). This groundbreaking initiative, leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and large language models (LLMs), positions Fraser Health at the forefront of technological innovation in healthcare.

The focus of this pilot project is the hospital course narrative at the time of discharge, an area often time-consuming due to the free-text nature of discharge summaries. By utilizing Google Cloud’s generative AI tools, Fraser Health aims to automate the initial drafting of these summaries. These AI-generated drafts will then be seamlessly integrated into the Expanse discharge workflow, enabling clinicians to review and refine them within the discharge plan. This integration not only streamlines documentation but also potentially enhances the quality of patient care by allowing healthcare professionals more time for direct patient interaction.

Fraser Health, the largest regional health authority in British Columbia and the second-largest healthcare organization in Canada, serves over 1.9 million people across 20 communities. The organization’s implementation of Expanse is a keystone in its digital transformation strategy. This initiative, developed in collaboration with MEDITECH, aligns with Fraser Health’s vision of being a national leader in digitally transformed healthcare, focusing on exceptional experiences, revolutionary care delivery, and leveraging technology for a seamless, equitable, and high-quality health system.

Helen Waters, EVP and COO of MEDITECH, emphasizes that this milestone represents years of work in evaluating, developing, and safely incorporating AI into the EHR. “Fraser Health’s adoption of this technology is a testament to their commitment to innovative care delivery. The insights gained from this pilot will be invaluable for other healthcare organizations as they navigate the integration of new technologies,” she remarked.

Since 2021, MEDITECH and Google Cloud have been collaborating on AI initiatives, with the clinical documentation use case being the latest endeavor to incorporate AI into the Expanse system. “Our goal is to identify use cases that bring significant, positive impact in healthcare,” said Dr. Peter Clardy, Senior Clinical Specialist at Google Health. “Streamlining the discharge summary process with AI can save clinicians considerable time and effort.”

Fraser Health’s adoption of AI in clinical documentation is more than a technological advancement; it’s a stride towards a future where technology and healthcare converge for better patient outcomes. As MEDITECH and Google Cloud continue their partnership, the focus remains on providing clinicians with the most effective tools to serve their patients and communities.

For more information on this innovative collaboration and its impact on the future of healthcare, visit MEDITECH and Google Cloud’s official websites.

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