Renato F. Salas-Moreno Takes the Helm as Chief AI Architect at Boeing

Boeing, a stalwart in the aerospace industry, announces the appointment of Renato F. Salas-Moreno as their Chief AI Architect.

Boeing, a stalwart in the aerospace industry, announces the appointment of Renato F. Salas-Moreno as their Chief AI Architect. Renato brings a wealth of experience, marking yet another pioneering stride in Boeing’s pursuit of autonomous aircraft technology.

A Distinguished Journey

Renato Salas-Moreno’s career spans an impressive trajectory across various realms of cutting-edge technology. From his recent role at XPRIZE, aiding in wildfire containment efforts, to his tenure at Forma Vision, where he served as VP of Engineering, his journey has been marked by innovation and breakthroughs.

Innovative Ventures and Groundbreaking Contributions

His venture at Vtrus Inc, as the CEO, resulted in the birth of an autonomous indoor drone and a pioneering robotics perception platform. Renato’s groundbreaking work has also made a significant impact at Oculus VR, where he delved into real-time indoor mapping for virtual reality headsets.

Charting New Frontiers in AI and Robotics

Renato’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through as he co-founded Surreal Vision Ltd, a VR 3D mapping startup. This venture laid the groundwork for his subsequent leap into robotics, diving into Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) for robotics navigation during his Ph.D. at Imperial College London.

A Visionary Pioneer

With a track record marked by groundbreaking contributions and a visionary approach to technology, Renato F. Salas-Moreno’s addition to Boeing is poised to catalyze the company’s endeavors in autonomous aircraft. His blend of expertise in computer science, robotics, and AI brings a unique perspective to the iconic aerospace giant.

An Exciting Chapter Unfolds

In a recent LinkedIn post, Renato expressed his exhilaration about embarking on this new chapter at Boeing. The fusion of his passion for aviation and his expertise in AI and computer science is set to drive innovative advancements in autonomous aircraft technology.

Education and Visionary Endeavors

Renato’s educational background includes a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Imperial College London and an MSC in Computer Science from the University of Bristol. His work has been featured in renowned publications, exemplifying his significant contributions to the fields of robotics and AI.

Paving the Future

Renato Salas-Moreno’s indelible mark in the realm of technology, coupled with his lifelong passion for aviation, sets the stage for an exciting era at Boeing. His visionary leadership and multidisciplinary expertise are poised to steer the company towards new horizons in autonomous aircraft technology.

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