Unlocking Science with AI & Cutting-edge Tech: A Deep Dive with Geetha Ramadevi at Cypher 2023

Geetha Ramadevi from Elsevier unveils the transformative role of AI in harnessing scientific knowledge across research, life sciences, and health sectors at Cypher 2023.

In a compelling presentation at Cypher 2023, Geetha Ramadevi, a key figure at Elsevier, delved into the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge technologies in harnessing scientific knowledge. The talk was a comprehensive overview of how Elsevier is leveraging AI to solve unique challenges in research, life sciences, and health sectors.

Elsevier’s Mission and Challenges

Ramadevi began by introducing Elsevier’s mission to advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society. She highlighted the challenges researchers face due to a lack of effective tools and solutions. In the life sciences, the drug development process is slow and expensive, and in the health sector, medical errors are a significant concern. Elsevier aims to address these challenges by providing meaningful insights to its customers.

Technology Approach at Elsevier

The technology approach at Elsevier involves a multi-step data processing pipeline. They use various data mining techniques, natural language processing, and AI, including generative AI, to process a large volume of data. The company aims for high precision and recall rates to ensure the quality of their insights.

Generative AI in Action

Ramadevi then moved on to discuss how Elsevier is experimenting with generative AI. She gave an example of their search implementation, which uses a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) architecture to enhance the search index. This approach combines lexical and semantic search to provide more accurate and relevant results.

Case Studies

Scopus AI

One of the key highlights was the introduction of Scopus AI, an extension to Elsevier’s existing Scopus content. Targeted at early-career researchers, Scopus AI uses natural language queries and semantic search to provide more relevant information. It’s currently in the beta phase, and a demo showcased its capabilities.

Shadow Health

Another intriguing use case was Shadow Health, a product in the health education sector. Although not elaborated in detail, it aims to assist nurses in their education by providing a comprehensive learning environment.


Geetha Ramadevi’s presentation at Cypher 2023 was an enlightening look into how Elsevier is at the forefront of utilizing AI and cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems in research, life sciences, and health. By doing so, they are not only advancing their mission but also contributing significantly to societal benefits.

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